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Projects 2020+ ; follow them on or IMDbPro 
Robbing Petra (feature thriller)  Royce Dudley, Director
Torn between his sugar baby & the rich cougar who keeps him, an aging player goes for broke in the shadows of a desert festival.
Nebraska Winter (feature thriller) Royce Dudley, Director
A whirlwind romance between a grad student & her neighbor becomes dangerously complicated by a secret affair with her professor.
North Beach (feature drama) Royce Dudley, Director
An elderly homeless woman searches for the killer of the man she lost when they were a young & carefree beatnik couple.
Seniors (limited dramatic series) Royce Dudley, Creator
A senior citizen raising a high school senior finds his own distant teen experience hauntingly similar.
Expiration Date (comedy series) Royce Dudley, Creator
Empty-nesters revisit dating, and find it's not what it used to be.
Civil War II (feature drama)TBA 
3 diverse families band together when cultural misunderstandings escalate to a full blown race war.
The Sisters Flores Trilogy:
Livi Twixti (feature) TBA
Cholita! (feature) In Development with Kedar Korde
Tales Of The Sisters Flores (series) TBA
(Projects will be linked in detail as they develop)
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